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  • Be sure to check out the Spring 2023 Premium Direct!

  • MEGA PACK: Back by popular demand, you can get all of the items associated with our Spring Series of releases without having to way. These are limited in numbers, and come with a free preorder item, so if you are interested get yours today.

  • All Preorders come with a free exclusive Dog Tag that won't be available later.

First Print Preorders

Here is your opportunity to pick up any preorder releases you might have missed out on before they go out of stock.

Upcoming Preorders:

Super Dungeon Maker - Switch - Monday April 17th

Wife Quest - Switch - Monday May 1st

Bobby Six Seven - NES - Monday May 15th

Premium Edition x Sony PlayStation

It's time for the Sony PlayStation to get Premium! Preorders will be live every other week so you can secure your copies, or don't worry about it just get the Mega Pack. Here is the schedule, mark your calendars!

  • February 27th @ Noon EST - Pheonotopia Awakening PS4 + Series 1 Mega Pack
  • March 13th @ Noon EST - Music Racer Ultimate PS4 + PS5

In-Hand Ready to Ship

These releases we have in stock and will ship out as soon as possible. Get them while you can!

Hagen's Alley Books

High Quality Video Games Books created by some of the same people at Premium Edition Games!


Don't want to worry about missing an individual preorder? We've got you covered!

NOTE: Series 6 comes with all items and will go live Monday April 17th with a limited amount available.

Spring 2023 Premium Direct

Vinyl Albums & Soundtracks

Premium Edition releases the most amazing bands that are themed around our favorite Video Game hobby!

Premium Edition Merch

Here are some amazing items that we've come up with. What more? Let us know!

Have You Earned Your Unboxing Patch? The Crow Continuum Did!