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Video Game Console Collector's Field Guide - Hardcover Book

Video Game Console Collector's Field Guide - Hardcover Book

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What is it?

Created by Author Tristan Ibarra, The Video Game Console Collector's Field Guide is a visual guide to spotting, playing, & collecting video game hardware. It contains over 1000 unique pieces of gaming hardware from 1972 - present and is an exhaustive resource for casual gamers, curious enthusiasts, and seasoned collectors. The Video Game Console Collector's Field Guide started as a personal quest to discover the depths of hardware collecting but evolved into a massive 460 page collector guide and checklist for everyone!

      The Console Field Guide includes 4 main sections:

      1. The Visual Guide - Pictures of over 1000 pieces of gaming hardware with their associated logos. 
      2. Special Features and Interviews - Rare console variations, knockoff consoles, and interviews with collectors of some of the largest and most interesting collections in the world. 
      3. The Index - Facts, technical summaries, and personal anecdotes based on research done into most of the hardware in the book and more.
      4. The Checklist - An easy to follow checklist so that you can keep track of everything that you've personally seen, played and owned. All hardware is in the order that they appear in the visual guide. Think of it as your personal gaming memory card.

      The Video Game Console Collector's Field Guide (Second Edition) is a landscaped 8.5"x11" size with a slipcover so that you can orient it with a tall spine on your bookshelf right at home next to every other hardcover release by Hagen's Alley and is an industry standard, using high quality binding and glossy page stock to create a stunning book. This ensures that each and every full color page will be of the highest quality. Each book comes with one red bookmark ribbon which matches the red foil gilded pages and fits the red and black cover which is an homage to the NEO-GEO AES shockboxes. The slipcase also mimics a NEO-GEO AES shockbox so it can be displayed with your collection seamlessly!

      Each book also comes with a free custom Dog Tag to go along with all of the Premium Edition Games dog tags in your collection.  

      You can find in depth information on the book and its history here:

      *Please note that some book slipcases may have minor defects. This is due to all of the Console Field Guides having gone through several console wars. 

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