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A Robot Named Fight! - Premium Strategy Guide

A Robot Named Fight! - Premium Strategy Guide

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A 200-Page Hardcover Premium Guide for A Robot Named Fight!

Title A Robot Named Fight!
Version Premium Guide
Preorders Open June - July 2021
Release Date May 12, 2022
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This book not only covers detailed aspects of the game, but also goes over the history of the developer as well as the legacy that has come about from this amazing game!

About the Game:

A Robot Named Fight! puts you in the role of an anonymous robot defending a robot city under siege by grotesque meat beasts. In any of the over four billion unique runs,  discover randomized items to traverse deeper beneath the surface and gain the powers you need to defeat the Megabeast. Be careful though; death is forever in this roguelike Metroidvania! 

A Robot Named Fight! is a roguelike Metroidvania focused on exploration and item collection. Explore a different, procedurally-generated labyrinth each time you play and discover randomized power-ups to traverse obstacles, find secrets, and explode meat beasts. 

A Robot Named Fight! brings permadeath, procedural generation, and countless quick playthroughs to the Metroidvania genre. Developed solely by Matt Bitner, this game features SNES-inspired graphics, a driving retrowave soundtrack, and environmental storytelling in lieu of cutscenes and dialogue.


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