About PE

We are NOT a limited company!

Our goal is to not only preserve video games, but make all of our hand-selected releases truly memorable. We are the hipster artist of publishers and focus on creating the coolest releases on the planet! That being said, we do order game quantities based on customer interest and support. So depending on how a game sells, that's how many copies will be ordered. We want as many people to play our developer's games as possible! Be sure to check each game version's page for the latest on stock left.

What's a Series?

You'll see places on this website and in videos mentioning this game is a "Series # Title". A Series is a grouping of releases that we pair together, typically around the same season or quarter. These groupings can be in 2,3, or even 4 game titles together. It's basically a neat way to track all of our releases in mini subsets!

Second Printings

We will do a second printing, of the Standard Edition, if there is enough demand and our contract with the developer is still active. Our Retro, Deluxe, and Collector's Editions do not typically get reprinted unless there is a requirement by the developer. Another option when we do a second order of a game title is we will do something fun and different to distinguish it; like a Steelbook Edition or including a Plushie. It basically gives us another way for us to appreciate the games we release.

Challenge Patches!

Since the Nintendo Switch did not have Trophies or Achievements, since we started we had the fun idea to include a Developer's Challenge inside every on of our main releases. If you follow the instructions on the card, we will mail you a patch for free based on the game! We also have a card included with your challenge patch that signifies your completion; which typically includes one per shipment. Be sure to email support, with your physical address, and send us your completed challenges as patches are retired once supplies run out!

Unboxing Patches

For each Series we release, we design a new Premium Edition unboxing patch. While some are simply a version of our PE logo, we also come up with designs based off of what was going on at the time; like the Hype Button or Amazing! All you have to do is an unboxing video and post on social media. Just make sure you email support, with your physical address, to let us know!

Exclusive Items

Something we have done recently is offer items that are more exclusive in nature. Some of these are limited T-Shirts, Xmas Ornaments, Custom Printed Flasks, and of course the elusive "I Survived Patch" where you have to meet certain criteria in person with the CEO! Be sure to pay attention to our social media and on Discord so you know what we have going on!

PE Directs

Before a major series launch, or once per quarter, we like to do a YouTube Premiere that we call a "Premium Direct". It's a fun way for us to highlight what's coming out with trailers, tell some cheesy dad jokes, have the developers talk to you, and hype up some amazing releases we have coming out!


PE goes to conventions almost every weekend. Most of these are with our partners Gamers4Gamers and you'll see our games on their table with trailers playing. They even have Gamers4Gamers exclusive items with them. However, there are a few special conventions where the majority of the Premium Edition Games team travels out to. In the past we have went to Midwest Gaming Classic, TooManyGames, Game On Expo, Classic Game Fest, SEGE, PRGE, and Really Rad Weekend to name a few. On our website, we will be posting where the team will be at as time permits!

Twitch Streams & Shows

We frequently are on Twitch doing live streams playing our game releases and even doing physical unboxings. This is hosted by Frank and usually features members of the PE team and sometimes game developers! We also have the Premium Edition Playcast where Barry & Jeff talk all things collecting and give the latest updates on all things Premium. Finally, we are starting Indie Game Nights with Jeff where he is going to play through games that have caught his eye for an upcoming Hidden Gaming Gems book release. Maybe he find some new games for Premium Edition to sign!?