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The Switch Collector Abridged: Year Two (Part Two) - Hardcover Book (Preorder)

The Switch Collector Abridged: Year Two (Part Two) - Hardcover Book (Preorder)

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The Second Year Collecting for the Switch Concludes!

*This item is a preorder with an estimated shipping date of Spring 2023, all items ordered with this preorder will ship together

About the Book:

The Switch Collector is a comprehensive "Switchopedia" Collector book series that covers all the physical releases for the Nintendo Switch along with the must play digital-only releases we would like to see come out physically.

"Volume Two Part Two" continues our journey with the Switch finishing out the second year. 


  • Continues from Volume Two to Finish Year 2
  • New Abridged Format to Streamline Releases
  • Over 200 Full Color Pages
  • Large Hardcover Design
  • All Regions Covered Plus Digital Highlights
  • Opportunity to Contribute Your Story! (Limited to Preorders)*

Why the Abridged Version?

Welcome to the abridged version of the Switch Collector! When I finished up Volume Two of this insane project, that initially began as an April Fool’s joke, it ended up taking close to a year to get into everyone’s hands. Doing the math, and the increasing release rate for physical titles that each subsequent year of the Nintendo Switch offered, it would have taken approximately 18 years to get this book series completed!

Instead of spending two decades to finish, the decision was made to offer an abridged redux of sorts. The only main change is the general reviews that were offered per title as well as cutting down the amount of screenshots. This allows for a much more streamlined approach that will allow these books to catch up to the releases on the Nintendo Switch an ensure it doesn’t take years for each volume to be completed.

This book is listed as Volume Two Part Two to avoid confusion in the future. That way Volume Three covers Year 3 and so forth. 

*Note: All preorders are final. Contributors must have their review/story in before November 1st, 2022, no refunds will be given if the review/story is not submitted in time.

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