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The Non-Playable Characters: Post Earth Episode 1 Autosaving - Music Album (CD Jewel Case)

The Non-Playable Characters: Post Earth Episode 1 Autosaving - Music Album (CD Jewel Case)

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A bit of Final Fantasy crossed with Anime makes for an Amazing Metal Album Loaded with Video Game References!


Title Post Earth Episode 1 - Autosaving
Artist The Non-Playable Characters
Medium CD Jewel Case
Release Date December 2022
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After a global cataclysm caused by a pandemic, the majority of Earth’s population has perished over diseases and lack of resources.

In this scenario, only the rich and wealthy part of the population managed to afford something close to a cure through exorbitant vaccines and shelters. Nearly everyone else - especially the poor - faced degradation and consequentially death.

While on the role of survivors, the affluent society came up with a way of entertaining themselves by converting necessitous ones - the few who had survived anyway - into avatars inside a videogame.

By having their minds remapped to those avatars, the fictional world they instinctively created was really close to the dystopian real world where they used to live in.

Therefore, it was only natural that the players would call it “Post Earth”, an open-world videogame that uses real people’s minds while their bodies are incubated on some source of Game Server.

So the game went on and on… Until one day a character spawned, destined to change it all for good.


Fabricio Fabro - Drums,
Rodrigo Cezar - Keyboards,
Caio Hardt - Voices,
Matheus Manente - Guitars, Basses.

Recorded by Tercio Marques at Vila Musical and Fibra Studio (Rio de Janeiro) between 2019 and 2021.

Produced by Fabricio Fabro and Matheus Manente.

Mixed and Mastered by Matheus Manente.

All songs written by Rodrigo Cezar and Fabricio Fabro.

Story by Rodrigo Cezarm Fabricio Fabro, Rafael Fabro and Matheus Manente.

Concept art, Character Design and Artwork by Fabricio Fabro and Rafael Fabro.

Diagramming by Eidy Tasaka.

Additional voice acting (in order of appearance) by Marcela Estelië, Jeffrey Wittenhagen, Xander Skullion, Johnny Millenium, Robman, Sora Barbosa, Caio Hansen, Italo Chianca, Eidy Tasaka.

Guest solo on "Chaotic Line Between Two Points, pt.2" by Derek Sherinian.
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