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Raji & They Bleed Pixels Preorder Mega Pack!

Raji & They Bleed Pixels Preorder Mega Pack!

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Get Everything from the Winter 2022 Preorder with this Mega Pack! 

Title Winter 2022 Mega Pack: Raji An Ancient Epic & They Bleed Pixels
Version(s) 2 Standard Editions, 2 Retro Editions, 1 Collector's Edition
Preorders Open November - December 2022
Release Date Estimated Late Spring 2023
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Want to get everything we have to offer with one simple click? Here is the way to do it! We will be offering up a limited amount of Mega Packs on the site and will be including some really cool swag!

Here is what is included in the Winter 2022 Mega Pack:

  • The Retro Edition of Raji An Ancient Epic
  • The Retro Edition of They Bleed Pixels
  • The Standard Edition of Raji An Ancient Epic
  • The Standard Edition of They Bleed Pixels
  • PE Dog Tag Starter Set with chain along with the Series Preorder Dog Tags 
  • and the Amazing Collector's Edition of Raji An Ancient Epic!


* Note: This is a preorder with an estimated Late Spring 2023 release

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