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A Robot Named Fight! - Deluxe Edition

A Robot Named Fight! - Deluxe Edition

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Over four billion unique runs finally gets a Physical!

Title A Robot Named Fight!
Version Deluxe Edition
Preorders Open June - July 2021
Release Date May 12, 2022
Stock Level RETIRED

Deluxe Edition includes:

  • All items included in the Retro and Premium Editions
  • CD Soundtrack of the game
  • Amazing Bonus Item that the Discord community will vote on!
  • Custom Sized Premium Box that everything goes in (feels like leather!)
  • A Premium Strategy Guide! (Full Color Hardcover book that is Sized the same as the Premium Box)

  • All inside a thick cardboard Premium Slipcase with custom art!
  • Only 500 copies available on our website!

About the Game:

A Robot Named Fight! puts you in the role of an anonymous robot defending a robot city under siege by grotesque meat beasts. In any of the over four billion unique runs,  discover randomized items to traverse deeper beneath the surface and gain the powers you need to defeat the Megabeast. Be careful though; death is forever in this roguelike Metroidvania! 

A Robot Named Fight! is a roguelike Metroidvania focused on exploration and item collection. Explore a different, procedurally-generated labyrinth each time you play and discover randomized power-ups to traverse obstacles, find secrets, and explode meat beasts. 

A Robot Named Fight! brings permadeath, procedural generation, and countless quick playthroughs to the Metroidvania genre. Developed solely by Matt Bitner, this game features SNES-inspired graphics, a driving retrowave soundtrack, and environmental storytelling in lieu of cutscenes and dialogue.



Retro Edition includes:

  • Nintendo Switch Physical Case and Game w/ double sided insert & full color manual
  • Steelbook with spine text and beautiful artwork
  • SNES-Style Retro Box that fits the game case and Steelbook
  • Numbered Challenge Card where you can earn a limited Challenge Patch!
  • Only 500 copies available on our website!


All Physical Releases by Premium Edition includes:

All of our Premium Editions offer the same high quality items and goodies for consistency sake!

  • Nintendo Switch Physical Case and Game
  • Double-sided Insert
  • Full Color Manual
  • Numbered Challenge Card where you can earn a limited Challenge Patch!
  • Preorder Window Exclusives will have a hand-drawn Full Color Glossy Slipcase by legendary artist Paul E. Niemeyer of Mortal Kombat Fame!
  • and a Bonus Premium Item!


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