Week of May 24th, 2020 Nintendo Switch Physical Releases & Limited Preorders

Week of May 24th, 2020 Nintendo Switch Physical Releases & Limited Preorders

There is a lot of news and announcements this week from the limited companies!

eastasiasoft - On Thursday, the company announced their next release, Moero Crystal H. All the details are under the Thursday, May 28th section below.

First Press Games - On Saturday, the company sent out the following e-mail:

With the Japanese alternate covers of A Hole New World and Shadow Bug being quite popular, we have decided to give most subsequent releases of us small Japanese runs as well.

With our second Nintendo Switch release Shadow Bug finally being out and about, our third title Castle of Heart isn't too far off anymore, so today we added the JP version of Castle of Heart to our store and other releases like Rival Megagun will follow suit soon as well!

Limited to only 300 pieces, the Japanese version features a new cover variant and a fully localized manual and quick instruction card in Japanese! The game cartridge is the same with multiple language options, including Japanese, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese

As usual, these variant inserts will also be included as print extras (for swap-out) with our Collector's Edition, so if you already ordered that, we got you covered.

Furthermore, the overall product design of Castle of Heart has been updated with a new look that is closer to the final produced game, go our store to check them in detail:

With the current delays that are enforced through the COVID-19 crisis, we unfortunately cannot give a 100% finalized release date for Castle of Heart just yet, but our estimated release window is beginning of next month. We will make sure to keep everyone in the loop about the progress.

In case you don't know Castle of Heart yet, it is a Nintendo Switch-exclusive 2.5D Platformer with combat elements, which draws strong inspiration from Capcom's classic Ghost N' Goblin series. Or, if you prefer us to compare it with a more modern title, it's quite reminiscent to a side-scrolling Dark Souls.

As you might judge from these roots, the game's difficulty is quite reminiscent of early 90s arcade games, which might be appreciated by some, but did not meddle well with every critic and player. However- to address the initial feedback from players and the press, Castle of Heart received a huge patch with a strongly reworked, but optional Easy Mode and further general gameplay improvements, which didn't only refine it's gameplay by another edge, but also added great accessibility for newcomers to the genre.

If you prefer your games spicy and challenging, we highly recommend to play Castle of Heart on Normal Mode though!

We hope you look forward to this awesome release as much as we do - we will continue to deliver the most beautiful pieces to your collection.

Lastly, we have a small teaser for you, more details about this will follow soon!

iam8bit - On Thursday, iam8bit opened up preorders for WHAT THE GOLF? on their site (and a standard edition became available for preorder at Best Buy and Video Games Plus. All the details are under the Preorders You Might Have Missed section below.

Limited Run Games Part #1 - On Wednesday, Limited Run Games announced their newest Distributed Title, SuperEpic: The Entertainment War. This will be available exclusively in the U.S. on their site on Tuesday, May 26th. All the details are under the Tuesday, May 26th section.

Limited Run Games Part #2 - On Friday, Limited Run Games took to social media with the following tweet and image: "More information Monday...". Looks like Blaster Master Zero, previously announced during their E3 2019 presentation, is coming soon!

Limited Run Games & Special Reserve Games - On Friday, both companies took to social media with the following tweet and image: "We're excited to partner with Special Reserve Games to bring you an LRG-exclusive variant of their Mother Russia Bleeds physical run for PS4 and Switch. Additional details next week". Looks like the physical is going live for preorder on June 23rd!

Strictly Limited Games Part #1 - On Wednesday, the company announced their next release, Bite the Bullet. All the details are under the Saturday, May 30th section below.

Strictly Limited Games Part #2 - The company sent out an e-mail on Friday to inform everyone of their newly launched Partner Store. This store will carry exclusive versions of games from Deck 13 Spotlight, Numskull Games and Inin Games. Immediately available to preorder (details in Preorders You Might Have Missed section below) was the Umihara Kawase BaZooKa! egular and CE with steelbook. You can read their entire e-mail here.

Super Rare Games - On Friday, the company announced their next release, Tricky Towers. The details are under the Thursday, May 28th section below.

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