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Barry Carenza

Barry is the invisible hand of Premium Edition Games as you will undoubtedly interact with him via email or in our Discord chat! He is a lifelong gamer and hardcore collector that has found his passion in video game history. For over 7 years he has worked at nintendofuse.com and has brought that experience to the Premium Edition Games family. First joining the Switchmania Playcast in Nov 2019 and then brought on board Premium Edition Games a few months before launch. Barry handles customer emails, maintaining Discord, chiming in on social media, interviewing developers, and aiding in deciding what amazing games should be released.


JP is a co-founder of Premium Edition Games and is the Chief Marketing Executive and Head of Sales. He is just obsessed with the Switch! His journey into the wonderful world of the Nintendo Switch began with conducting interviews for The Switch Effect and Gaming Boulevard website and then for Switch Player magazine. Afterwards, he started his own channel, JP’S SWITCHMANIA, formed the Switchmania Playcast with Jeff and Barry, and finally took the plunge into physical publishing! If he’s not talking about the Switch, he’s reading a comic book! Also, he never sleeps so hit him up on Twitter 24/7!

Dan Bulich

Dan Bulich is responsible for editing the amazing videos for Premium Edition's promotional material. He is one of the stars and the creative force behind the YouTube series Console Wars. The series uses comedy to highlight comparisons between retro video games. He also has a podcast, Retro vs Remake, which compares movies to their remakes. He is also in a Nirvana tribute band, Penny Royalty, and an Alice in Chains tribute band, Jar of Flies.

Steve Lynn

Steve creates the Premium Guides that are associated with the Deluxe Editions. He is a video game expert that works in research and educational video game content. He is a published author with his own strategy guide series "The Easy Way", hosts an educational speedrunning podcast called "The 8-bit and Retro podcast",  and has over 30 video game world records.

Frank Wood

Frank is our marketing guru and the hype master for Premium Edition. He is a lifelong gamer, community builder and enthusiast for all things Video Games.  Hailing from sunny Florida, he went on to make Florida’s largest gaming community, Florida Gamers, as well as holding numerous events, Serving as a lead organizer on Conventions, and working the retro side of the business at M&M Video Games.  A social media and marketing expert, Frank is looking forward to helping bring games to the people!  In his spare time, he enjoys making casual content, building Gunpla and trying to work through his massive collection of retro games.

Rowan Fox-Noble

Rowan is involved with the amazing instruction booklets that go inside each of our games. He is a theatre gaming nerd that is also a firefighter...Yep. he loves the older times of having complete items when you buy games. From working on his own custom manuals and booklets for recent consoles, he also makes the manuals here as well as assists or works on other creative bits to give it the proper Premium Edition look and feel when you open the case.

Erica Brus

Erica does crazy art stuffs for Premium Edition Games. She is responsible for the amazing Steelbook designs and a lot of the marketing artwork that you see all over.

Paul Niemeyer

You will see Paul’s handiwork on our slipcases as he is deeply rooted in video game culture. He is a legendary artist who has contributed his talents to multiple pieces across pop culture, including Mortal Kombat, Jaws, Tron, and multiple Pac-Man titles.

Jeff Wittenhagen

Jeff is the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Premium Edition Games bringing all the amazing items you see to life! He is also the CEO and author at Hagen’s Alley Books where he has written and published over a dozen books himself and for other passionate authors all over the world. He has been featured in multiple video game documentaries including The Bits of Yesterday and Video Game Box Art and was partially responsible for the “Boom Tetris for Jeff” craze doing commentary for the Tetris World Championships in 2016. 

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