Big Changes at Premium Edition Games

Big Changes at Premium Edition Games

As the physical collecting landscape changes and evolves, Premium Edition Games is also going to upgrade it's practices. The quantities we will be producing going forward will be much smaller so we can continue to release titles. What won't change is our focus on bringing the highest quality physical games to modern and retro platforms!

Here is how things will be changing for those looking to purchase our physical titles:

"First Print: Premium Editions"

First Print Premium Editions for all titles going forward (Starting with Rack N Ruin) will be limited in quantity to under 2000 copies, including Retro/Deluxe Edition quantities, and the high quality slipcase and sleeve will be exclusive to this first printing. Total quantities available will be at the top of each product page.

Retro Editions and Deluxe Editions

Retro Editions and Deluxe Editions will be extremely limited in quantity, with many titles getting under 500 copies available. Distributor copies will also be limited to what they will be offered.

Gamers4Gamers Charity Editions

There will still be amazing G4G Charity Collector's Editions exclusive to conventions, but as always these will be limited in scope as well.

Premium Playcast

We will talk on the Premium Playcast how these limitations are possible with Nintendo minimums and go over other details. As always, we like to be as transparent as we can be so nobody will miss out one of our our amazing releases. These quantities are in place today so be sure to get your copies before they are gone!

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