Please introduce yourself and let our readers know who you are and a little about yourself?

Hello, my name is Daniel, I was born in Spain and I am the creator of diabolical mind games. All these games were created by me, even though I had help like with the music, by outside workers. 

How did you get into making video games?

I started many years ago, making apps for android, initially and later for iphone appstore. The first game was a puzzle one, created in 2012, it was similar to the columns of Sega. but with candies :) 


What titles have you worked on in addition to Demon's Tier +?

The most important or that were sold on consoles, are xenon valkyrie and riddled corpses, all of them were sold on vita, ps4, xbox one, nintendo switch and PC steam.  In addition to all the android games and appstore, more than 10 games. 


Are there any other projects that you have contributed to in some way?

Currently I work alone and deal with COWCAT for ports on consoles, he improves some aspects of the game for the port on different consoles. 

What title(s) are you working on now? Any info you can share about your next game(s)?

 I am working on several games, unfortunately I have not shown images of these games nor have they been announced, I hope to do it soon 

How has it been joining the gaming industry? What are your personal pros and cons?
It is complex to explain, but I entered this industry because I always liked video games since I was a very young child. I was always in arcade rooms playing classic games and, I guess, that's where the love for video games was born. 
The bad thing is that it takes a lot of time, working alone, I need more hours to work and not lengthen its development. the good ... that I work on what I like the most. 
What was your inspiration for Demon's Tier +?
My inspiration came from old games of the genre like the arcade gauntlet and other games of that era, fantasy rpgs. 

Why make a roguelike RPG as opposed to any other genre?

I started making mobile, puzzle and action games, after making riddled corpse I started with demonstier, but at the same time I was with another of the same genre, xenon valkyrie. I wanted to make these roguelite games but they were played in a totally different way.  When I finished xenon valkyrie, I took up demonstier and added everything I learned about xenon. Why roguelite? It is a genre that I like and at first I thought it would be easier to do ... I was very wrong ... xD 

What's your personal favorite part of Demon's Tier + from a gameplay standpoint? From a development perspective?

The game being roguelite (not roguelike) you can save your progress, I like it and improving the characters with new weapons and crush the enemies. Regarding development, I really enjoyed doing the graphics and character design, including the arts. 


What part of Demon's Tier + do you look forward to seeing gamers tackle (if you can say without spoiling)?

I would like to see how the players end up with a certain boss with big hands. : D 

How does it feel to have your title be part of Premium Edition Games' Series 2?

It is always a joy to see your work in physical, The physical edition of the premium edition of demons tier is the most beautiful of all the editions of my other games. I hope the players appreciate it, there was a lot of work here. 

If you could design an entry in any video game series, what would be your dream gig?

I love the silent hill series ... who knows ... 

What encouraging words would you like to tell all those gamers preparing to tackle Demon's Tier + for the first time when their game arrives?

Remember to take some ropes to escape from the dungeons, if you look very in danger, use it and take your money to town (do not forget to spend it) 


Thanks so much for your time Daniel! Last question, where can people follow you to see all your wonderful creations?

Thank you very much for supporting my game, I hope everything goes well for you. You have a friend here. 
My twitter is this: 
my website is this: 
The web is in preparation because I want to reopen it with the launch of my new games. 
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